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The Demon King

The Demon King is the physical manifestation of The Demon Sword of Boundless Hunger - a demon created at the Dawn of Time, whose goal is to consume the power of all five Godswords.

To merge with a host, the Demon Sword of Boundless Hunger presents them with a pact - eat the flesh of the sword, and it will merge with the person.

The Demon Sword first escaped from the Underground Caverns of the Goblins by convincing a goblin to consume it, becoming the Demon King (Goblin Form).

The Demon King (Goblin Form) fought the Travel Goblin, who was living among the goblins and was meant to be watching over the demon sword. After their battle, the Demon King fled from the caverns and out in to the Enchanted Forest above.

The Demon King (Goblin Form) appeared in Hiltshire and watched the first round of the XXVth Annual Swor'nament, on the lookout for the Godswords. After Ōdachi and Dagger the Gnome fought, The Demon King ambushed Ōdachi in the arena sidelines and consumed his Godsword, Argok's Edge. He left Ōdachi injured.

The night after the first round of the Swor'nament, The Demon King infiltrated the Hiltshire throne room, to claim the second Godsword, Baltad's Blade, from King Hilton. The two fought and The Demon King managed to consume some of the sword, before being interrupted by Smith the Blacksmith. Smith took the remainder of Baltad's Blade, as well as another Godsword, and fled.

After the battle, the goblin body of the Demon King was too weak to sustain him and the power of two consumed godswords, so it exploded. The Demon Sword convinced Prince Parry, King Hilton's son, to form a new pact so they could reign as King of Hiltshire together.

In the second round of the Swor'nament, The Demon King (Parry Form) was confronted by Joyeuse and Ōdachi. The Demon King absorbed Joyeuse's Godsword, Bograk's Hook during the battle and became unstable once more, destroying the host and returning to sword form.

Mere stabbed the Demon Sword with Chad the Bastard Sword, who was being possessed with the spirit of Xiphos the Barbarian King, which caused the Demon Sword to end up with Xiphos' soul inside him. He used this as bait, getting Xiphos' zombie body to form a pact, becoming a hulkingly huge Demon King (King Form). Xiphos' the Barbarian's body was well adjusted to housing so much divine energy and remained stable while the Demon King fought the others.

After summoning an army of demons and escaping Hiltshire, the Demon King tracked down Smith the Blacksmith in the Badlands and consumed the fourth Godsword, Kargob's Fang.

Aware of another Demon Sword claiming possession of the fifth and final Godsword, the Demon King travelled to the Worselands and stole a dungeon lair that previously belonged to the Dungeon Master Master. There he planned to bide his time and build up an army to attack his brother, The Demon Sword of Relentless Omens.

Joyeuse arrived at the Demon Kings new lair and stabbed him in the chest with the Boredsword, in revenge for the deaths of her father and brother, incapacitating the Demon King and making him too lethargic to do anything useful.

Stabbins the Fawn arrived at a later point and became the Demon King (Bored Form)'s friend.

A year after the XXVth Annual Swor'nament, the Bread Knight arrived to battle the Demon King. After regaling him with stories of his adventures, the Boredsword's curse was overpowered and the Demon King became ready to fight again.

Harpe arrived in the middle of the battle, hoping to free her father Xiphos' from the Demon Kings influence. She unwittingly bought with her the final Godsword, Greg's Vane. After the Demon King ate half of the sword, he had enough power from each of the five Godswords to transform in to the Demon King (God Form).

Bread Knight, Harpe, Sickle and the Travel Goblin are now battling the Demon King (God Form) for the fate of the world; while the spirit of Xiphos' watches on from inside the Demon King's body.

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