CDLXXXII - The Sword Who Would Be King

Jan. 23, 2021

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The Demon King has the Travel Goblin trapped in one of his tentacles

the demon king: Oh, it's you...

the demon king: The little gobling in charge of keeping me locked up.

the demon king: Did you come all this way to try and seal me away again?

the demon king: You couldn't even beat me back then...

A flashback to the Demon King's original form, the Demon Sword of Boundless Hunger, trapped in an Underground Cavern

demon of boundless hunger Merge with me...

The Demon Sword merges with a goblin and becomes the Demon King

the demon king: Freedom at last...

travel goblin: He was just a kid...

the demon king: Don't worry, I'll put this body to good use...

The Demon King (Goblin Form) and the Travel Goblin fight

the demon king: GRAAALL!

Narration continues

the demon king: I thought I'd killed you for sure...

the demon king: After that I escaped from the Underground Labyrinth and headed to the Kingdom of Hiltshire...

the demon king: Where I ate for the first time in a million years! It was great!

The Demon King is stuffing his face with many delicious cakes and snacks

the demon king: More!

The Demon King is stabbing Xiphos through the chest

the demon king: Oh, and I killed some people for their godswords...

the demon king: Actually, I'm using that guy's body right now! That's a long story-

Bread Knight kicks the Demon King's face in using his Gleaves with a CLEAVE! sound

travel goblin: Maybe next time.

Secret Text

Save your monologues until after the battle next time.



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