CDXCVII - All the King's Men

April 4, 2021

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bread knight: It's a new Godsword!

harpe: Created from both of our swords...

harpe: ...To put an end to this once and for all.

Bread Knight and Harpe both grab the handle of the New Godsword, it covers their body in colourful armour with a FW~OOM! sound

harpe: I'll take care of the Demon King.

bread knight: No, allow me.

the demon king: Are you two going to fight? That's hilarious.

harpe: Shut up, you jerk!

bread knight: Yeah, stay out of this.

Mysterious Voice: Perhaps I can be of some assistance?

the demon king: Oh no.

the demon king: Not you again!

The Demon King's tentacle is cut off in a splash of yellow blood

the demon king: EEEEEEEK!

the demon king: RAPIER TAPIR!

Rapier Tapir lands with yellow blood dripping from a golden sword

the demon king: And he brought the whole army of Hiltshire!!!

sickle: Look! It's the Barbarian Army too!

Smith the Blacksmith is riding a lizard with Nova, Cultello and Culter

smith the blacksmith: Oh crap, he got bigger.

Secret Text

Don't send the Gods to do a tapir's job



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