CDXCIX - Three Eyes Shut

April 30, 2021

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the demon king: AAAAAAAARRRGH!

xiphos: Give me my body back!

The Demon King is being stabbed from within by a giant blade of green fire. The armies of good and evil all turn their attention to the Demon King's destruction.

the demon king: I barely got a taste...

the demon king: ...of true power...

The Demon Kings body crumbles in to dust

Bread Knight, Sickle and Harpe have returned to their normal forms. The Gods Sword is gone, leaving only three colorful gems behind.

Xiphos stands atop the ruins of the Demon Kings lair, holding Kargobs Fang in one hand and the Three Eyed Demon Sword in the other

harpe: Dad! You're free!

xiphos: Harpe.

xiphos: I think you make a wonderful knight.

Xiphos smiles and disappears, leaving only dust behind.

Secret Text

The ghosts of the past are always right inside you, waiting to stab their way out.



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