CDLXXVII - We're Not Alone - Part II

Dec. 31, 2020

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sickle: AHHHH! It's raining swords!

Swords hit the Travel Goblin's backpack with a S-T-A-B! sound as Sickle cowers under him

Sickle shakes her fist at Bread Knight, Harpe and the Demon King, who are battling up in the sky

sickle: Watch it, you jerks!

Baltad calls out using the orb at the bottom of his Godsword

baltad: Hey! You two! Over here.

sickle: Hm?

travel goblin: Baltad, is that you?

Bread Knight and the Demon King continue to battle. Bread Knight is charging a fun fungus cloud from his fungal fun gauntlets

bread knight: FUN GUN!

the demon king: BLEH!

Sickle is so shocked to see a God, she has flipped her eyepatch up to try and see Baltad with her missing eye

travel goblin: That's a terrible plan!

baltad: It's the only way.

Sickle and Travel Goblin assess the battlefield, spying the Lake Monster's sword lying in the open

sickle: So we just need to get that magic sword, right? Leave it to me!

sickle: I'll be back in a se- -huh?

One of the Demon King's tentacles wraps around Sickle's leg and lifts her in to the sky


Baltad and the Travel Goblin argue as a tentacle looms over the goblin

baltad: ARGOK!!

travel goblin: Give us five minutes.

Secret Text

Hallelujah, it's raining swords.



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