CXC - Demon King Origins

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The Sword of Boundless Hunger, possessed by the ghost of Xiphos the Barbarian King, looking at Kris the Necromancer talking with the zombified body of Xiphos the Barbarian King

Xiphos, the Barbarian Zombie: Blaaaades!

kris the necromancer: Yeah, yeah...

The Sword of Boundless Hunger: Say... Isn't that your body over there?

The Sword of Boundless Hunger: And zombies wander around looking for their soul, right?

Xiphos, the Ghost Barbarian: I don't follow you...

Xiphos the Barbarian Zombie eating the Sword of Boundless Hunger, while Mere, Chad, Bread Knight, Rapier Tapir, Princess Joyeuse Hilton, Kris the Necromancer, Jian and Stabastian watch in horror

Xiphos, the Zombie: OM NOM NOM!

Xiphos the Barbarian Zombie transforming in to the Demon King! The one from Swords IV!!

the demon king: Hah! Surprise, nerds!