CDXCVI - The Winds of Change

March 29, 2021

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Hello, I am back from a long break. I have a lot of exciting updates to share with you soon!


travel goblin: The Godsword of Fire...

travel goblin: ...and the Godsword of Water...

travel goblin: United as one!

The Travel Goblin is wielding a massive glowing sword

travel goblin: Now for one last ingredient.

His skull mask splits open with a CRAK! sound

It crumbles away, as light engulfs him

travel goblin: Thanks for the ride.

Sickle looks on upset as Bread Knight holds her back

Harpe, Joyeuse and Ōdachi turn from battling the Demon King's tentacles to watch the growing light

The Demon King shoves Buttercup the Giant Horse out of his way to watch the fusion

The whole battlefield is engulfed in a bright light

The final Godsword is revealed - an amalgam of Fire, Water... and Wind!

Secret Text

One last breath before the end.



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