C - Round One

Aug. 4, 2018

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sharp sharply: And there you have it, lords and gentlefolk - the final match of round one is over! The eight competitors moving in to round two of The Swor'nament have been decided! Let's look at those results now!

Spencer the Fencer X - Rapier Tapir ✓

spencer the fencer: Ack! I yield!

Mere ✓ - Chad The Bastard Sword X

chad: I hate you so much.

Glaive The Adventurer ✓ - Smith The Blacksmith X

Glaive The Adventurer: We'll fight again one day...

Xiphos The Bartender ✓ - Prince Sheath of Paladium X

kargob: Ew.

Dagger The Gnome X - Odachi The Samurai ✓

Odachi The Samurai: N-no...

The Bright Knight ✓ - Sabre X

bright knight: Sorry for uh... murdering your sword

Entrails The Dark Knight ✓ - Sword Golem X

sword golem: Ow.

Harpe The Lake Kinght X - Princess Joyeuse ✓

harpe: Ahh! My armour! What's happening!

Severed arm of Lake Monster lays on a bank of the lake. A mysterious hooded figure leaves humming under its breath.

Secret Text

The battle continues.



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