CDXC - The Horse He Rode In On

Feb. 20, 2021

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the demon king: Grra! Outta my way!

weeping explosion: KRIIIII~!

harpe: Mr. Goblin! Are you done upgrading my sword yet?

travel goblin: Does this look done to you?!

the demon king: EAT THIS!

The Demon King fires a laser from his mouth with a BLART! sound

Bread Knight protects the Travel Goblin with his Cloak of Daggers, but still takes a lot of damage

Bread Knight whistles

giant horse: AROO?

bread knight: Buttercup! Go get 'em!

Buttercup the Giant Horse jumps on the Demon King

the demon king: EWW! GROSS!

Secret Text

After shooting lasers from his mouth, you could say he is a little hoarse.



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