CDXXXIV - Demo(n)lition Crew

Aug. 8, 2020

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Characters: Sickle The Demon King Travel Goblin

Creatures: The Gods

Locations: The Worselands

Swords: Demonslayer Sword


travel goblin: It's the Demon King's lair!

travel goblin: We need to take him out with our secret weapon before he has a chance to become all powerful!

The Demon King bursts out of the mountainside with a KRAK! sound

the demon king: I HAVE BECOME... ALL POWERFUL!

Sickle is holding up a sword that reads DEMONSLAYER

travel goblin: I think we're gonna need a bigger secret weapon.

Secret Text

The two greatest inventors in the Kingdom and they just wrote "Demonslayer" on a gold sword in a sick font.



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