CDLXXXIII - The Champions Gathered

Jan. 25, 2021

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the demon king: GRAAARL! Quit hitting me in the face!

The Demon King snatches Bread Knight out of the air with a THWIP!

the demon king: You nerds are really starting to annoy me! Prepare to be squeezed in to mush!

the demon king: GA-AH! What now?

A cluster of explosions erupt across the Demon King's body


Ōdachi appears, with blue flames coming off his sword, Weeping Explosion

ōdachi: Hmph!

joyeuse: Sorry we're late!

Joyeuse is holding up the remaining shard of Greg's Vane, the Godsword, whose soul is quietly saying SLIIICE!

joyeuse: Harpe! Did you drop this!

Harpe is hanging from the Demon King's charred body, with the Travel Goblin tucked under her arm. He has Baltad's Blade, the Godsword in hand

harpe: Joyeuse! You're here! Haha!

travel goblin: Hey, good to see you again! Mind if I borrow that sword?

Bread Knight, Harpe, Joyeuse, Ōdachi and Sickle gather around the Travel Goblin. Joyeuse is handing the Travel Goblin the shard of Gregs Vane

the demon king: What are you idiots up to now?

Travel Goblin holds the two godsword parts in his hands, the blade of Greg's Vane and the hilt of Baltad's Blade - glowing energy is connecting the two together

travel goblin: Something only an idiot would do...

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Fully metal alchemy.



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