CDL - Just a Sprout After All

Oct. 8, 2020

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It's the 450th episode of Swords!

You can now access the Swords World Map on my Patreon. It is incomplete, but will give you a good idea about how the world fits together and where the dragon has flown from.

Thankyou for continuing to support the series and for all your fanart, plushies and tattoos of Quest Sprout. Keep 'em coming!


Quest Sprout is riding a dragon

sword dragon: Where would you like me to take you, little one?

sword dragon: The Steelcap Mountains?

sword dragon: The Iron Bog?

quest sprout: QWEST!

sword dragon: On a quest, eh? Very well.

quest sprout: QWEST!

Quest Sprout and the Dragon arrive at the scene of the Demon God, towering over his enemies, the Bread Knight and Harpe (the Barbarian Princess Knight of the Lake)

sword dragon: This looks like a worthy adventure.

the demon king: Time to destroy you nerds once and for all.

The Demon God looks up at Quest Sprout

the demon king: Huh?

Quest Sprout gets scared

quest sprout: Q-QWEST!

Quest Sprout and the Dragon make a hasty retreat, flying past Ōdachi the Samurai

sword dragon: You're right, that's much too scary.

the demon king: What.

The pair return to a more calm environment

sword dragon: Look! That cat is stuck in a tree!

Quest Sprout looks triumphant, ready for a new (easy) quest

quest sprout: QWEST!

Secret Text

Don't send a sprout to do a tapirs job.



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