CCCLXXXV - Two Year Anniversary

March 4, 2020

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Hello everyone. Today marks the 2 year anniversary since Swords began!

I want to thank everyone for enjoying the series and coming along with me on this journey.

The second year has had some crazy ups and downs - I successfully finished Inktober for the first time ever, my computer broke in the middle of that month (thankyou again to everyone who helped me replace it), a bunch of brands "borrowed" my comics with the watermark mysteriously absent and the world of Swords grew much, much bigger.

I'm sorry I didn't reach 400 episodes in time for the anniversary! Rest assured there are plenty more comics to come, but for now I'm taking a long overdue break to take care of some website maintenance, fix a few outstanding spelling mistakes and to get on top of Patreon rewards. Swords will return in a week or two, with a new higher resolution format and more sword-related jokes I hope???

In the meantime, come hang out in the Discord while we celebrate 2 years of Swords! See you soon!


the demon king: Haha! The last godsword is mine!


the demon king: Idiots

The Demon King crushes Harpe's Godsword with a SHLOOOOP sound

the demon king: I AM NOW . . . THE DEMON GOD!

The Demon God hits his head on the ceiling with a BONK! sound

the demon king: OW!

the demon king: Well that was embrrassing.

Secret Text

Godliness is close to ceilingness.



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