CCXLI - The Red Armor

June 9, 2019

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Double update day? Do you remember when Smith abandoned Stabby in a barrel of flour? I sure do! It was right after Smith ran away from the crime scene after watching Xiphos and King Hilton die at the hands of that pesky Demon Sword. What a wimp. Anyway, I wanted to take care of this moment way back at Swords CC, but ultimately I went for something a little simpler and funnier because I had a lot of new readers at the time. Sorry to keep you waiting!

Rest in peace, Knight's Loaf.


bread knight: Enough talk, Demon King! Time to die!

Demon King: Huh?

bread knight: What.

Stabby bursts forth from the remainder of the Bread Sword, crumbling it to pieces!

Stabby: STAAAB!

Bread Knight has been transformed in to the Champion of Baltad, complete with magical armor

bread knight: Wait. You've been hiding in there the whole time?