CDLXXVI - We're Not Alone

Dec. 28, 2020

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The Demon King has Harpe and the Bread Knight trapped in his tentacles

the demon king: KAH HA HA HA HA! You two really thought you could take me on with half a godsword each?

the demon king: I've drained them of most of their divine power already... So now you dweebs are all alone...

The Godswords are lying discarded on the ground, their souls are visibly worn out from battle

Stabby (aka Fire Godsword Soul): Stab...

Slicey (aka Water Godsword Soul): Slice...

bread knight: We're not alone! All the people of this world helped arm us with the tools to take you down!

bread knight: Now!

harpe: Right!

the demon king: Hm?

harpe: Here we go...

Harpe reaches for the bag tied to Bread Knights waist, with a GRAB! sound

The two are jettisoned out of the Demon King's tentacles on a stream of swords from the BAG OF INFINITE SWORDS

The bag runs out of swords with a PARP! sound while they are mid air

bread knight: And now... Awaken! Gnomish Boots of Flight!

Bread Knight's earrings grow giant golden wings with a FW-TANG! sound. He catches Harpe with one hand.

bread knight: It's time we end this!

the demon king: AHHH!

Secret Text

Is that a bag of Infinite Swords in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?



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