DCCLXXIII ~ The Demon Sword Chronicles ~ III

Oct. 7, 2023

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demon of endless chaos: The Five Gods agreed to create the Godswords, so that mortals could defend themselves against the demon swords

stroller: Wait- there are five gods?

demon of endless chaos: What are they teaching you in school? Yes.

demon of endless chaos: -But their plans were ruined when that gluttonous three-eyed demon sword, Boundless Hunger, absorbed all the Godswords and started calling himself the "Demon God"

demon of endless chaos: Heroes from all across the realm gathered to beat him up.

demon of endless chaos: The man he was possessing got his body back, and Kargob whisked the two away to the Godrealm

demon of endless chaos: What the Gods need a human in their realm for, I do not know...

demon of endless chaos: Despite all of that, there is still a little piece of Boundless Hunger that has been left behind. Whatever the orcs are planning to use this new incranation of him for, he's still more powerful than they can control...

demon of endless chaos: The worst is yet to come.

Secret Text

Hunger is power.



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