CLXXIII - Exposition

Jan. 5, 2019

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Sharp Sharply: *Swor'nament fans, it appears our current match is on hold while we sort out the small matter that our prince has been cursed by a demon and stands accused of killing the King of Hiltshire! What an upset! ...Your thoughts? *Demon King: You fool! I am the Sword of Boundless Hunger! The Demon King! Your prince accepted my pact willingly for the power I contain! Demon King: Within me now is the power of two godswords! Two more are leaving Hiltshire as we speak, but I will hunt their owners to the ends of the world! joyeuse: Gosh, I'd hate to be one of those guys right now.

Joyeuse wields Bograk's Hook

Secret Text

Words words words



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