CL - Round Two

Nov. 22, 2018

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sharp sharply: Bladies and gentleswords, we're back for round two of the XXVth Swor'nament! I'm told the king is staying in bed today, but his son, Prince Parry, will be watching in his stead! And now... the matchups!

glaive: Why did it have to be HIM?

rapier tapir: Wrrrh!

night knight: Dark knights rule!

bright knight: Whose side are you on?!

mere: Does that guy look different to you?

xiphos: Uhhh...

chad: Totally.

ōdachi: I'm sorry I didn't trust in your strength earlier, old friend

the demon king: That guy is still alive? I've gotta get better at killing people.

sharp sharply: Let the games begin!

joyeuse is ready

Secret Text

Here we go...



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