CCL - Turning Of The Tide

July 7, 2019

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Hi, I'm back from a week long break. I have a lot of fun new ideas for comics - turns out if you take a minute to step back and let your brain switch off for a little bit, you actually have time to think of jokes. Who knew? Anyway, I hope you weren't too bent out of shape in my absence - I'll start making it up to you right away.

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Baltad, standing before Kargob's empty desk

baltad: Kargob?

Baltad, wandering the Godrealm

baltad: Kargob...? Greg...? Where is everyone?

Meanwhile in the mortal realm, the Demon King has found Smith in the Barbarian Village

Demon King: Aha! Found you! You didn't think you could run and hide, did you?

Smith is standing in front of four of Xiphos' Wives, Nova, Cula, Culter and Cultello

Smith, the Fake Barbarian King: Stay behind me, ladies.

Back in the Godrealm

kargob: Your champion isn't doing too well down there...

baltad: Kargob! There you are!

kargob: I took care of getting you a better one. The rest is up to you.

Demon King punching Smith in the gut - WHAM!

Demon King holding up Kargob's Fang, the fourth Godsword he needed

Demon King: Kargob's Fang is mine!

Kargob disintegrates

kargob: Take care, pal.

baltad: KARGOB!!

Secret Text

If you're just joining us, this takes place somewhere in the middle of the timeline. This would be devestating if you'd read from the beginning.



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