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Xiphos the Barbarian King was born 20 years before the foundation of Hiltshire. He lived in the Badlands, a barren waste lying between Hiltshire and the Worselands. At a young age, Kargob's Fang, the Godsword forged by the God of Darkness Kargob, fell from the sky and became the property of Xiphos.

Unknown to anyone, Kargob's Fang was genuinely powerful. Over time, it helped Xiphos win influence and rise to the rank of leader among his tribe. Ultimately though, it was Xiphos' passionate faith that gave him the charisma to lead others.

In his teenage years, Xiphos was married. Xiphos' first wife disappeared, never to return. Xiphos' second wife, Kopis, bore him a daughter - Harpe.

Although Xiphos was deeply in love with Kopis, mounting pressure grew from the tribe's shaman to make more political marriages and unite the remaining Barbarian tribes together under Xiphos' command. Xiphos' third marriage was to his man-wife, Culter. Xiphos' fourth marriage was to Cula. Xiphos' fifth marriage was to a talking sword, Cultello. And finally, Xiphos' sixth and youngest wife was Nova, who he rescued from being sacrificed to a wyvern.

In the Hiltshire year of XXV, when Xiphos was 45 years old, he lead the united army of Barbarians in the War of Eyes - an attack on the Kingdom of Hiltshire to assert their religious belief that Kargob has 6 eyes, and not 8 like the residents of Hiltshire claim. Xiphos had become aware that King Hilton was carrying a magic sword that could rival his own. That intel referred to Bograk's Hook, the Godsword of the God of Light Bograk, which was being carried by Hilton's daughter Joyeuse; rather than the Godsword Hilton actually had possession of - Baltad's Blade, broken in to two pieces.

After the War of Eyes ended with the Barbarian forces retreating, Xiphos entered the XXVth Annual Swor'nament, under the spur-of-the-moment disguise of "Xiphos, the Bartender". In the first round of the XXVth Swor'nament, Xiphos violently exploded Prince Sheath of Paladium with his sword.

The night after the first round of the Swor'nament ended, Xiphos snuck in to the throne room with Smith the Blacksmith to battle King Hilton and separate him from his Godsword. At the same time, one of the Demon Swords, The Demon Sword of Boundless Hunger, was infiltrating the throne room in the body of a goblin. The two clashed and Xiphos was killed.

After the battle, Xiphos died in Smith the Blacksmiths arms, insisting that he inform Xiphos' six wives about his buried treasure. Smith took his helmet and godsword and fled the city, aided by Xiphos' right hand servant, Xyele.

Xiphos' body was recovered from the throne room by Kris the Necromancer, who separated Xiphos' soul from his body, creating a zombie servant and a soulsword. Kris the Necromancer immediately put the zombified Xiphos back in to the Swor'nament, gambling on the Barbarian King's success to make some money. He gave the soulsword to the zombie body, so that Xiphos was, for a time, possessing his own body.

In the second round of the XXVth Swor'nament, Xiphos the Zombie Barbarian King fought Mere and Chad, who had teamed up to progress in the competition. After plunging Chad inside the zombies body, Xiphos' soul became magnetized to Chad and briefly possessed him.

In the final match of the second round, Joyeuse and Ōdachi challenged the Demon King to combat. After reducing him to his sword form, Mere stabbed the Demon Sword with the Xiphos'-Possessed-Body-Of-Chad and Xiphos' soul hopped again, this time in to the Demon Sword.

The Demon Sword of Boundless Hunger then lured the zombie Xiphos body, which had no soul, in to eating him and became the Demon King proper.

After battling with the Swor'nament contestants and attacking Hiltshire with an army of demons, the Demon King escaped, pursuing Smith the Blacksmith back to the Badlands.

Xiphos' soul is currently trapped inside the Demon King's body (which is his original body but worse), watching the ultimate battle take place.

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