DCCLXXVIII ~ The Beginning Of Time ~ Part One

Nov. 16, 2023

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xiphos: How about you start from the beginning?

demon of boundless hunger: . . .

baltad: The beginning? Hm. I suppose we have the time.

baltad: I am Baltad, the God of Fire. I have existed here in the God Realm since Kargob forged this Universe.

baltad: ...But I was born in the previous Universe.

baltad: Kingdom. The last planet in a dying universe, clinging to the dwindling warmth of the final iron star.

baltad: This was longer ago than you could possibly comprehend.

baltad: There was life there.

baltad: Until I ended it.

baltad: panDEMONium! Face me!

pandemonium: KE KE KE KE KE KE KE KE

pandemonium: And what is all this?

pandemonium: You killed every last one of them so that I would have nothing left to consume?

pandemonium: How deliciously petty of you.

baltad: I killed all of my race

baltad: And added their souls to my own.

xiphos: But if that's all true then that means that the Gods are actually...

baltad: You're catching on. We are liches.

baltad: And now Kargob has made you one as well.

Secret Text

Every story has a beginning, middle and end, a beginning that is also an end, an end that begins something new, and something old that began once and



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