CDXCI - The Heart Of The Problem

Feb. 22, 2021

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Characters: Bograk Kargob Xiphos

Creatures: The Gods

Locations: Inside the Demon King

Swords: Bograk's Hook Kargob's Fang


The Demon King's Heart makes a BAD-UM! sound

kargob: The Demon King's Heart.

xiphos: Gross.

xiphos: Mr. Kargob, was this your plan all along? For me to get killed by the Demon King so that I can kill him from the inside?

kargob: Do you know how needlessly complicated that sounds? If anything, you made everything way worse.

xiphos: ...O-Oh.

The Demon King's Heart makes another BAD-UM! sound. Kargob, Bograk and Xiphos are standing in front of it - Xiphos has a sword of light and a sword of darkness drawn.

kargob: Whatever. Let's just stab the thing.

xiphos: R-right!

Secret Text

Yes, the heart wears it's own little crown. That's called 'self care'.



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