DCCLXXVIII ~ The Beginning Of Time ~ Part Three

Nov. 23, 2023

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DCCLXXVIII ~ The Beginning Of Time ~ Part Three

baltad: So you DO remember!

baltad: You little bastard sword!

demon of boundless hunger: It's not like that! We each only remember bits and pieces of when we were one being!

demon of boundless hunger: Yeesh!

baltad: Hrm...

baltad: After panDEMONium fled, I had nothing else to do but wander in this endless white void for a while. It wasn't very long. Maybe one hundred years or so.

baltad: Something started following me.

baltad: I thought that maybe panDEMONium's madness had finally won over me, but after so long, it was nice to have an ally.

baltad: A friend.

baltad: We wandered for a time and I shared stories of the old Kingdom. Bograk found the idea of other worlds fascinating.

baltad: Eventually his soul grew to fill every corner of this new Kingdom of Light. He told me that he could feel panDEMONium frantically searching for something within.

baltad: And then it happened.

tim the explorer: AAAH!

knife: AAH!

The Time Knife slices open the light with a SLICE! sound

baltad: The Time Knife.

baltad: The end of my Universe and the beginning of your Universe became one.

baltad: All thanks to a relic from your future

xiphos: But isn't that a paradox?

demon of boundless hunger: . . .

baltad: . . .

xiphos: Oh what> The barbarian can't understand cause and effect, is that it?

Secret Text

Wow! It's a flashback!



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