CCXXXIX - Long Range Sword

June 6, 2019

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I've been told by my agent that I'm supposed to fill this section with text so that you've got something to engage with after reading the comic. That's a lie, of course, because I don't have an agent - but all the same I'm going to start trying to ramble off something cool or interesting about each comic here. I drew Xiphos with boots this time, but he's normally barefoot! I really hecked that one up, didn't I? I really need to create a series of reference sheets so I'm not making my brain remember things.


Red Barbarian: I want to stab that guy all the way over there

Red Barbarian: But my sword is just too short!

red barbarian boy: You could try throwing your sword?

Red Barbarian: Great idea!

The Red Barbarian picks up the Barbarian Boy, ready to throw him in to the fight wielding the sword

Red Barbarian: Now remember : Stab him before he stabs you!

Secret Text

We call that move the old Swing n' Stab



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