DCCLXXVIII ~ The Beginning Of Time ~ Part Two

Nov. 17, 2023

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baltad: I battled with my one true enemy, panDEMONium, for thousands of years

baltad: We continued to fight even as the planet crumbled away beneath us and the last star went cold

baltad: I fought until I had nothing left.

baltad: The last of my blood became three stones for safe keeping

baltad: Each made up of countless souls I had taken

baltad: Still, my desire to win persisted

baltad: My body was long broken but my spirit burned bright than ever

baltad: With each battle, I improved while panDEMONium stayed the same

baltad: Triumph started to seem inevitable

baltad: But then something happened that I had not anticipated

baltad: Even the Darkness had an end.

pandemonium: Finally. You were really beginning to bore me.

baltad: ...

baltad: What?

pandemonium: Smell you later!

baltad: What??

baltad: panDEMONium had just been toying with me for millennia.

baltad: They could have destroyed me any time.

demon of boundless hunger: BWA HA HA!

demon of boundless hunger: Sorry, I forgot how funny that was.

Secret Text

You can't tell but that's his angry face.



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