CLXXXVII - Favouritest

Feb. 3, 2019

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Characters: Harpe Kargob Xiphos

Creatures: The Gods

Locations: The Badlands

Swords: Kargob's Fang


Harpe is sitting on his father Xiphos' knee

harpe: Dad, what's your favoritest sword?

xiphos: That's easy! When I was about your age, a sword fell from the heavens! I knew it must be a gift from Kargob himself!

xiphos: Kargob's Fang has been my best friend ever since!

harpe: Whoa...

Xiphos:* Well... My second best friend!

Xiphos and Harpe hug

Secret Text

If your best friend is a sword, try making new friends



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