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The daughter of King Xiphos and Queen Kopis. From a young age, Harpe has aspired to become a knight. When she was old enough, she fled the Barbarian Badlands to Hiltshire, where she met Smith the Blacksmith and lived with him at his cottage home. Their relationship became strained by his obsession with churning out so many low quality swords, whereas Harpe always saw the value in having one good sword, like her father did. After leaving Smith, Harpe met a Lake Monster, who granted her a Knighthood to compete in the XXVth Annual Swor'nament. After losing in the first round, she returned to Lake Tang to find that someone had killed the monster and stolen its sword. Pursuing the culprit, she fought against the Demon Knight and his subordinate Silvertongue, taking back the sword and using it later in the final battle against the Demon King.

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