DCCCL ~ The Demon Queen

June 3, 2024

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Hi! Swords is going on a little hiatus while I work on the second half of the Swor'nament arc. Thank you for your patience.

850 episodes is a pretty big milestone! Thanks for enjoying the series so far!


demon of unspeakable darkness: Merged together we will be the DEMON QUEEN!

demon of unspeakable darkness: -and joined as one, we will rediscover my true name and dispel this curse of unspeakable darkness that Kargob placed upon me!

Joyeuse rattles the demon sword with a SHAKE! sound

joyeuse: No! Quit trying to possess me!

joyeuse: Harpe! Get ready!

harpe: Hm?

joyeuse: Parry this, demon!

demon of unspeakable darkness: AAAH!

harpe: AAAH!

Harpe cuts the Demon Sword in two as the Field of Darkness dissipates around them with a SHING! sound

Secret Text

Night has fallen.



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