VIII - I Wanna Be a Knight

March 12, 2018

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Characters: Harpe Kopis

Locations: The Badlands

Swords: Regular Broadsword


Harpe is playing with a wooden sword next to her mother Kopis, who is reading a book by the fire

harpe: Mother! When I grow up I wanna be a knight!

kopis: Oh, honey! You don't want to be a knight...

Kopis swings around her huge broadsword with a SWING! sound

kopis: This is a Barbarian household!!

Kopis pats Harpe on the head

kopis: I guess as long as you still destroy your enemies it's okay.

Secret Text

It's important to have supportive parents, especially if you want to do something reckless like abandon your Barbarian lifestyle to live in a castle.



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