DCCCXVII ~ Lore From The Deep

March 12, 2024

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Characters: Greg Harpe Joyeuse

Creatures: Lake Monster

Locations: Lake Tang

Swords: Clays'mores Lake Monster's Sword

Thank you to Adnir, Aleister, Servaas, Andrew, Koléo, Nicholas, Markus, Robert, Bonnie, Zelda, Alec, Sully, Sr. R, Fleur, Ricaro, FAKxyz, D'Artagnan, J M, Drago, Peter, Johnny, Josiah for becoming new members on Patreon since the last update! Sorry if I missed anyone!


harpe: So the part we still don't really get is why were there five godswords if Kargob created everything?

joyeuse: Mm!

lake monster: Hm? Humans really have lost the old lore... Kargob is just one of five gods! Darkness, Light, Fire, Wind and Water!

lake monster: The Godsword that I was protecting was created by the water god, Greg! That's my dad!

harpe: Whoa...

harpe: His name is really "Greg" though?

Secret Text

Someone had to be the first Greg.



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