DCCLXXIV ~ The Demon Sword Chronicles ~ IV

Oct. 11, 2023

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demon of endless chaos: Relentless Omens, the four-eyed demon sword

demon of endless chaos: Master of cruelty. All curses draw power from his domain.

demon of endless chaos: He took control of the Whitesmith, an Elven craftsman of high regard

demon of endless chaos: And then set about recruiting allies by preying on the vulnerable and trapping them in his debt

Kris emerges from his own grave, shocked to see the contract he signed being dangled above him

demon of endless chaos: A curse that not even death could break.

demon of endless chaos: For the moment, Omens has been incapacitated by the God of Wind and one of his human pets

The Travel Elf throws Relentless Omens in a spike pit

demon of endless chaos: But that won't stop Relentless Omens for very long...

demon of endless chaos: After all... He invented revenge.

Secret Text

Revenge is power.



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