CCXLIX - Whistle

June 26, 2019

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Well here we are - the long awaited moment where I take a break! Swords will return in a week or so - I've got lots of annoying grown up stuff to take care of. If I list it all, I won't be allowed to fail at it, so you'll just have to imagine me waddling around doing business and synergy and stuff.

I'd just like to take a moment to say thankyou to everyone for enjoying the series, laughing at the happy bits, mourning the sad bits and staying hungry for more. You're a wonderful community.

See you soon!


The Four-Eyed Demon Elf and Silvertongue standing in Demon Elf's castle

Demon Elf: We've been spotted.

Harpe and the Mystery Elf standing on the upper floor, Harpe is holding her giant Lake Monster sword

Mystery Elf: Aw crap

harpe: I think they noticed my big sword. Haha!

Silvertongue whistling, a musical sword floating in the air playing the notes D E A D

Harpe's face being sliced by a musical wind

harpe: What the...?

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