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Bread Knight

The Bread Knight is a hero who travelled across the realm wielding a loaf of bread to defeat the Demon King.

In childhood, the red-haired boy fought using his sentient companion sword, Stabastian.

The Bread Knight and the Demon King first fought when the Demon King acquired a new body in the form of King Xiphos. In the midst of the second round of the XXVth Annual Swor'nament, the red-haired knight assisted Princess Joyeuse in fighting this new foe, but the Demon escaped and took the knight's sword, Stabastian, with him.

From this point, during the sacking of Hiltshire, the knight burst in to a local bakery, mistaking it for a blacksmiths, and left with the largest loaf of bread he could get his hands on.

From here, the Bread Knight traveled the countryside, collecting the following items:

Dwarven Door Shield - A door made by the dwarves, which the Bread Knight wields as a shield

Chainmail - A suit of armor made from lost letters in the Elven Postal Service

Buttercup - A giant horse that the Bread Knight rides to distant places, gifted by a Giant

Smartsword - A technological sword worn as a kind of hat while in it's Assist Mode, given by a prominent Orc inventor

Gnomish Boots of Flight - Tiny boots that grant flight to the bearer, worn as earrings due to their size

SWORD runes - The loaf of bread was reformed in to the shape of a sword thanks to the Imp Runemaster

Fun Gauntlets - Fungal armor retrieved during a mushroom-based adventure in the Fungeon

Gleaves - Boots with sharp points on them, acquired by doing dirty work for a Troll

Bag of Infinite Swords - A small bag gifted by a Lionman wizard

Cloak of Daggers - A cloak of sharp knives gifted by a Lizardman assassin

Belt of Greater Grating - Acquired for rescuing the Cheese Kingdom from Dark Gouda

Dragon's Beard - Gifted by the Sword Dragon when the Bread Knight freed it from captivity

Upon his arrival at the Demon King's lair, it was revealed that inside the loaf of bread was hidden a secret weapon, which transforms the Bread Knight in to the Red Knight.

He and Harpe battled the Demon King and then, when reinforcements arrived, the two merged their strength with Sickle and Xiphos to defeat the Demon once and for all.

Now, the Red Knight has a new challenger, King Rapier Tapir, and the God pulling their strings has revealed his intentions...

Wielder of: stabastian red godsword core

Notable allies: stabastian harpe sickle baselard the fawn dirk the fawn giant horse baltad

Notable enemies: the demon king steve orcs smartsword dad knight

Bread Knight appears on 53 Pages:

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