DCCCXXXIX ~ The Kings Quest

May 8, 2024

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demon of unspeakable darkness: Hold up.

demon of unspeakable darkness: What were you saying before about kicking my ...butt?

joyeuse: We're on a quest from the new King!

Harpe of the Lake & Joyeuse Hilton

Thy Quest is III-fold:

I. Acquire arms necessary to take on this perilous journey

II. Seek out the Guardian of the Lake and have her mend the Godsword of Water.

III. Wield this rekindled blade against the VI remaining Demon Swords of olde, seeking out all you can find.

By Royal Decree of King Ryan Breadborne, this charge is laid upon thee.

bread knight: But I don't talk like that.

sickle: You're the King now! Of course you do.

Secret Text

It's the job he was raised for.



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