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An orphan growing up on the streets of Dark Knights Keep, Sickle came under the apprenticeship of Hawk the Blacksmith, who tried his very best to teach her the way of the blade. She became fast friends with the adults who frequented the blacksmiths and learned all about the outside world from them.

Later in life, Sickle rises to the rank of Head Inventor at Clayless Industries, a vaguely legitimate business that she runs from the King of Drakness. As the King turns his attention to a war with the Paladin army, Sickle's talents shine as the eclectic inventor of increasingly weird swords.

Frustrated with her focus on side-projects instead of arming the Dark Knights with useful weaponry, the King fires Sickle and replaces her with the Edgesmith. After a self-pitying pub crawl, she teams up with the Travel Goblin and the two hike to the Worselands to aid in the battle against the Demon King.

The bond between Sickle and the Travel Goblin grows stronger and she gains access to his powers in the final showdown! Harnessing the power of friendship, they win the day.

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