CCXCVI - Gnome Improvement

Sept. 24, 2019

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Arcs: Patreon Rewards

Characters: King Of Drakness Sickle

Credits: Darkly

Locations: Dark Knight's Keep


sickle: Behold, the Presto-Chango Sword! Just stab it in the ground...

A tent appears

sickle: ...And a convenient dresser appears!

Sickle is getting changed inside with a cartoonish CLANG! and BONK!

king of drakness: Hmm. Am I supposed to be able to see past the curtain?

Sickle appears, dressed in a fake beard and pointy hat

sickle: Ta-da! Look! I'm a gnome!

king of drakness: Ugh.

Secret Text

You got Gnomed.



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