CCLVIII - Acid Sword

July 23, 2019

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I don't wanna be one of those people who hides content from people. But I am willing to be one of those people who hides content from everyone. Please donate generously so I can buy a golden yacht and some much needed dental surgery (which is prohibitively expensive in New Zealand, if you have to ask - I might have better luck with the yacht).


sickle: Behold! The Acid Sword!

Acid Sword melts in half with a floop

sickle: Uh-oh...

Acid Sword has melted down to the hilt. Sickles clothes have melted away too, conveniently obscured by an ad for Patreon

sickle: . . .

sickle holding two black swords over her body

sickle: Behold! The Censword!

Secret Text

It's like DLC but for comics.



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