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Quest Sprout

Quest Sprout is a small woodland creature that loves adventure and is always on the lookout for another great quest.

Quest Sprout used to live in the forest with their mother; but they were seperated after Quest Sprout had a bad dream involving The Demon Sword of Eternal Slumber. Now Quest Sprout hangs out at the Adventur'r's Tavern, wandering the nearby countryside in search of quests. The locals are all high level adventurers themselves and are always ready to love and support Quest Sprout, so if things get too tough the tavern is always waiting.

Quest Sprout's sword is plain and made of wood, but in the Realm of Dreams it has a mind and a heart of its own. Even in dreams the two of them will go on daring quests to count sheep and catch roaming Z's.

Quest Sprout's trademark cry "QWEST!" is a call for adventure. Quest Sprout is always ready to charge in and save the day... unless there are scary demons involved.

Quest Sprout appears on 35 Pages: