DCCLXXII ~ The Demon Sword Chronicles ~ II

Oct. 6, 2023

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demon of endless chaos: Absolute Fury. The Demon Wolf. The Two-eyed Demon Sword.

demon of endless chaos: His threatening aura gave rose to dire variants of many species and some even evolved into beastmen.

demon of endless chaos: The owe him their loyalty.

demon of endless chaos: In recent times, he has enlisted the help of powerful humans like the Drakris family to supply his army with weapons...

deder drakris: No, wait!

demon of endless chaos: ...But as war draws near, their usefulness is beginning to run out.

The Demon Wolf gobbles up Deder Drakris with a SNAP! sound

demon of endless chaos: Absolute Fury has pulled the strings for decades. Now the Lionmen march against the human realm. King Grelf, the first of the elves, has joined them.

demon of endless chaos: The Dwarves are gathering as we speak to decide if they will aid their human cousins, or betray them.

demon of endless chaos: Tensions are rising everywhere. Almost every race has a stake in the upcoming battle.

demon of endless chaos: And Hiltshire, the Human City at the center of the conflict, is currently defenseless-

demon of endless chaos: -will they stand and fight? Or will Absolute Fury bring them to his side?

Secret Text

Power is power.



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