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Weeping Explosion

Weeping Explosion is a katana forged in the Land of Katana, across the sea. It belonged to Ōdachi's father and then was passed to Ōdachi himself, who took it with him on his voyage. Crossing in to the realm of Hiltshire, Ōdachi used Weeping Explosion while fighting other swordsman on the road, but when it came time to compete in the Swor'nament, he had already found another weapon. That particular sword was destroyed, however, and Ōdachi resumed his use of Weeping Explosion for the latter parts of the competition. When fighting with the Demon God, Ōdachi used the blades secret technique, Tears of the Dragon, to inflict a flurry of explosions across the enemies body. He then used the Funky Katana technique to transform Weeping Explosion in to the Thousand Fold Dragon, which fought with the Demon God while the others prepared themselves for the finale.

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