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March 5, 2018

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Welcome to the world of Swords!

At the Dawn of Time, the God of Darkness, Kargob, took hold of a Sword of Light and used it to cut open the void... creating a Universe filled with Swords!

The Swords Universe features a wide-ranging ensemble cast, all living and dying by the sword in a shared setting. You can browse for your favourite characters using our extensive archiving system or dive straight into Episode 1 by pressing the blue handled sword above or below the current episode.

Swords began in 2018 as a bit of an accident - Reddit loved the first episode and with no initial plans to make a series, I just kept going! I hope you'll enjoy seeing the pieces of worldbuilding come together over time, as well as seeing the art style evolve.

Please read the series where you are most comfy, but do note that reading on Webtoon supports me via ad revenue; there is a chronological option as well; and you can follow for free on Patreon to get some bonus content.

Please enjoy the world of Swords!

  • Matthew


Secret Text

You'll have forgotten about most of these characters by the time they show up - thank you for reading!



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