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Demon of Boundless Hunger

A demon fueled by hunger and the self appointed King of all lesser demons. The Demon King takes many forms by inhabiting the bodies of certain victims. His strength is largely influential, having control over a vast army of monsters. Being much weaker on his own than most of his siblings, he continually craves more power.

The Demon Sword of Boundless Hunger was buried in an underground cavern, underneath the Enchanted Forest, that eventually became home to the Goblins. The Demon Sword of Boundless Hunger was freed when he made a pact with a Goblin, who ate the Sword and merged the two beings in to one.

The Demon King fought with Ōdachi, stealing the God Sword known as Argok's Edge and absorbing its power. He then fought with King Hilton and King Xiphos over the fate of a second God Sword, Baltad's Blade, which he partially absorbed. After Smith defeated the Demon King and fled the scene, the Demon's body fell apart and he returned to his sword form. It was only after making a new pact with King Hilton's son, Prince Parry, that the Demon King could resume his quest and absorb the third Godsword, Bograk's Hook.

Prince Parry's body was also destroyed, leaving the Demon Sword helpless once more. He made a pact with the zombified body of King Xiphos, becoming a massive monster and rampaging his way out of Hiltshire and after Smith the Blacksmith. He easily defeated him and absorbed the fourth Godsword, Kargob's Fang.

On a quest for revenge, Princess Joyeuse stabbed the Demon King in the heart with the Boredsword, curbing his lust for power and leaving him cursed to idle in a dungeon without the motivation to leave.

Now it seems the fate of the entire world rests on the final battle between the Demon King and a red-haired knight.

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