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Baltad is the God of Fire and destruction; one of the five Gods of the Swords Universe.

At the Dawn of Time, Baltad sealed the Demon of Endless Chaos in to its sword form.

During a battle at the Dawn of Time, the Demon of Boundless Hunger stole Baltad's Crown, a magical artefact that contains a portion of his godly power. Kargob sealed the demon away without reclaiming the crown, making it difficult for Baltad to recover.

It was Baltad who petitioned the other Gods to create Godswords - magical items to be left amongst the humans in the event that the Demon Swords broke free.

When Baltad created his Godsword, it was placed directly above the Caverns where the Demon of Boundless Hunger was being kept captive. The magical power of Baltads Blade caused the surrounding land to bloom, creating the Enchanted Forest. In more recent times, Hilton broke off the hilt of Baltads Blade to use as a wand, causing chaos and burning down a section of the forest.

Baltad, ever the schemer, decided to instruct Hilton to build a Kingdom there. The Burnt Forest became Hiltshire, home of the Swor'nament.

Both King Hilton and Smith the Blacksmith have wielded parts of Baltad's Blade, but in the end his true champion was the Bread Knight, who Kargob manipulated in to acquiring the Godsword.

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