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Travel Goblin

The Travel Goblin is one of 7 masked demi gods left in charge of watching over the Demon Swords, sealed away in the mortal realm.

He takes the form of a goblin, a small furry creature with hooves, who wears a skull mask. He has a strong knack for making magical items and takes stories as payment.

The Demon of Boundless Hunger, who refers to himself as the Demon King, was sealed in sword-form in the Underground Caverns beneath the Enchanted Forest. The Travel Goblin, who was living among the Goblins at the time, failed to prevent a young goblin from forming a pact with the demon. The young goblin and the demon sword merged and fought their way to the surface.

For a long period of time, the Travel Goblin was lost in the Enchanted Forest. For some reason he gained a reputation as a person who could help adventurers with his wide variety of magic swords, so they kept finding him as he wandered around.

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