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Argok, the God of Wind, is one of the five Gods that created the Swords Universe. Argok is also the God of mischief, deception, time and change.

In the Darkness Before Time, it was Argok who took the Sliver of Light and forged it in to a Sword of Light that Kargob then wielded against the 8-eyed demon.

During the forging of the World, Argok created White Cloud, the flying island.

For one thousand years, Argok lived amongst the humans in the Land of Katana, studying their sword making techniques. He is the only God who left the Godrealm, never to return.

After the Gods agreed to create the Godswords, sowing some of their power in to the mortal realm for humans to use against the Demon Swords, Argok vanished. Mysterious guardians then appeared to watch over each Demon Sword.

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