CDXCV - Three Year Anniversary

March 5, 2021

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Characters: Citizens of Hiltshire The Bakesmith

Creatures: Pizza Doughlem

Locations: Hiltshire

Hi everyone! Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Swords! Thankyou so much for enjoying the series. I know I said that I would aim to get Episode 500 out today, but with all the recent episodes being triple-length, I decided not to rush out the climactic ending to the Demon King fight. You'll just have to keep holding your breath a little longer!

If you haven't checked it out yet, here is an updated list of places you can enjoy the series: Swords Comic Links

I'm going to take a short break now, but rest assured I will be extremely busy getting all the different sites up to date, adding more designs to the Threadless store and working on some other background opportunities. In the meantime, feel free to share your favorite episodes around, make some memes, or maybe just re-read the whole thing! Whatever makes you happiest.

See you soon!


The Bakesmith kneads dough with a KNEAD! sound

the bakesmith: I wonder what ever happened to that knight?

the bakesmith: SIGH! When do I get to go on an adventure?

pizza doughlem: BLUU~UURGH!

citizens of hiltshire: HELP! A Pizza Doughlem is attacking the Kingdom!

The Bakesmith pulls out a sword with a circular pizza cutting blade. He gives a sinister smile.

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