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The God of Darkness, Poetry, Reading, Long Walks on the Beach... It is highly disputed among mortals if he has 6 eyes or 8 eyes. Accredited with forging the Universe by plunging a Blade of Light in to the Endless Darkness and letting starlight bleed in to the void.

Noteable Allies:

Regularly converses with baltad, the God of Fire, about the Godswords and their role in the mortal realm. Has a close bromance with bograk, the God of Light. Friends with greg, the God of Water. Has heard of argok Is the patron God of xiphos the Barbarian King and all other Barbarians. Gifted him a sword by accident. Is worshiped by most mortals, because he is very cool.

Noteable Enemies:

Sealed away demon of eternal slumber at the dawn of time. Sealed away demon of absolute fury at the dawn of time, on Fury Mountain where the Dire >Wolves lurk. Sealed away demon of boundless hunger at the dawn of time, in the Underground Caverns where Goblins live. Sealed away demon of sacred oaths in the sacred realm - a parallel dimension.

Swords Wielded:

Wielded the sword of light during the creation of Creation. Forged to give his divine power to mortals.

Kargob appears on 33 Pages:

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