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Allez Gator

Allez Gator is an alligator who took up fencing, speaking, walking on his hind legs and also rocking a beret and trench coat combination. Impetuous, impatient and arrogant, Allez Gator’s reputation grew as he went from place to place challenging strong swordsman and cutting them down in mere moments.

After terrorizing a few small towns in the hiltshire region, he meandered down into the underground network of caves connected to the fungeon. Here he encountered an opponent much stronger than any he had faced before - The rapier tapir. The two clashed, with rapier tapir making short work of Allez Gator by cleaving apart his sword and cliche cigarette.

After this humiliating defeat, Allez Gator swore to become stronger and headed North to catch a ship across the sea.

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