CDLXXVIII - The Time Of Your Knife

Jan. 7, 2021

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tim the explorer: Wow! It's a Time Knife!

knife: Shut up already!

Knife (the person), holds aloft the Longsword of Time, which makes an ominous TICK! sound

Knife cuts off Tim's hand with a TOCK! sound, as reality falls aways and thousands of moments of Tim appear in a colorful spiral

knife: What the...?

tim the explorer:AAAAAAAAAAHGH!

Knife's body is young on one side and old on the other as they pass through the time spiral, she screams as she looks at one tiny baby hand and one wrinkly old lady hand


Knife lands in a pitch black void with a THUD! She now has a grey sliver of hair, but otherwise looks to be her regular age again.

knife: Whoa... Where are we?

argok: You're swinging around the Longsword of Time and you're asking 'where' you are?

Argok appears before them, a huge god robed in purple and green, with a long beaked face.

argok: This is the Darkness Before Time.

knife: Wow...

Secret Text

Not a moment to lose.



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