DCLXXVIII - The Crossroads Of Time : Part Four

Jan. 25, 2023

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panDEMONium is pinning Baltad down with it's spear arm

pandemonium: You're in my way, Baltad.

pandemonium: I guess I'll need another helping hand to finish you off...

panDEMONium forges a halberd from one of its tentacles

baltad: That's just a spear with an axe on it!

Baltad gets stabbed with the halberd

baltad: AAAAAAAA!

panDEMONium approaches the scar of darkness

pandemonium: You really thought you could hide something like this from me?

pandemonium: Now! Let's see what all the fuss is about...

panDEMONium pries the scar of darkness open

pandemonium: PEEK~A~BOO!

pandemonium: I SEE YOU!

panDEMONium enters the Darkness Before Time

pandemonium: KE KE KE!

pandemonium: WELL WELL...

panDEMONium comes face to face with Kargob and Argok

kargob: Uh... Hi.

Secret Text

Sir, you have a pole on your arm.



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